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So… it’s been a while..

... since my last update. So long in fact, that the rebec is finished! It had been finished in early 2020, just as Covid hit Europe, Italy first. This is relevant for the rebec, because there are not many places ... Read more »

About a tail

In one of the earliest blog posts I mentioned two rebecs being built. When the time came to work on the tail piece I figured it would be smart to make two at the same time. I’ll do this for ... Read more »

Little bits

So, on to the little bits! Here’s what’s still not done: Tail pieceBridgeNutPegs/end pegBow Work on the latter is already on the way — I’ll write a dedicated post for that. The nut will be carved from a piece of nubone that ... Read more »

More union

It fits! The neck is slightly wider then the fingerboard, which is on purpose: after glueing, I can take something off, creating a more pleasing seam. So, after making sure three or four times that yes, it actually does fit, ... Read more »