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About a tail

In one of the earliest blog posts I mentioned two rebecs being built. When the time came to work on the tail piece I figured it would be smart to make two at the same time. I’ll do this for ... Read more »

Little bits

So, on to the little bits! Here’s what’s still not done: Tail pieceBridgeNutPegs/end pegBow Work on the latter is already on the way — I’ll write a dedicated post for that. The nut will be carved from a piece of nubone that ... Read more »

More union

It fits! The neck is slightly wider then the fingerboard, which is on purpose: after glueing, I can take something off, creating a more pleasing seam. So, after making sure three or four times that yes, it actually does fit, ... Read more »

Part Three part two

It’s been a few days since I last published a post but I haven’t been idle! Here’s where we were, concerning the fingerboard: Naturally, it’s the leftmost part that will become the fingerboard. The rightmost is going to become tailpiece, but ... Read more »