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The Union

Instrument builders have used glue based on animal parts from the times it was the only adhesive that was available (so everybody used it) to the present day. There are a number of really important advantages over synthetic glues. Most ... Read more »

Scrubs pt. 1

The piece of maple from which the citole will emerge came straight from the sawmill, meaning it is rough and warped somewhat. In other words, my first task will be trueing the wood. I don’t own a jointer, and even ... Read more »

Part Three

The rebec doesn’t have many parts. In fact, it only has three fixed parts: corpus (including neck and pegbox — I don’t use the term “unibody” lightly), soundboard, and fingerboard board. As you may have read in a previous entry, ... Read more »

Saw to shape

After having cut out the soundholes and thicknessing the soundboard to where I want it, there’s no way around it: gotta get jiggy! Another one of those tense moments, because the soundboard by its very nature is very rigid, without ... Read more »