Building blog


Let me introduce you to Jane Eyre. She lives with my sister and she has graciously offered some of her tail for the rebec bow. Her offer is greatly appreciated, although the accompanying message from my sister (you’ll have to wash ... Read more »

Scary stuff

Lutherie, it seems, is basically a sequence of really tense moments with endless boring parts in between. Sounds bad? Somehow I enjoy both aspects of it... After all the hours I spent working on the corpus of the rebec, the inevitable ... Read more »

Curved Pizzas

So, the Great Gauss taught us how to safely eat pizza, but it turns out that the underlying principle has useful applications everywhere, including lutherie. It’s really quite simple: you can measure the curvature of a surface by multiplying the ... Read more »

A Block with a Name

It looks like this block of maple has my name on it... better turn it into a citole chop chop! The Citole is a medieval plucked instrument with a number of interesting features; like the rebec it's a unibody design, and ... Read more »