Little bits

So, on to the little bits! Here’s what’s still not done:

  • Tail piece
  • Bridge
  • Nut
  • Pegs/end peg
  • Bow

Work on the latter is already on the way — I’ll write a dedicated post for that. The nut will be carved from a piece of nubone that I have lying around, but that’s a last minute job because it’s probably going to need a lot of adjustment when the strings come on, so we’ll worry about that later.

The pegs I’m still not sure about. On the one hand, I’d love to turn them myself. But on the other, I’d need a specialized peg shaper (basically an oversized pencil sharpener), which I do not have. I could wait till pay day and order one, or I could try to make one myself. Or I can simply order a bunch of pegs off the shelf. Like I said, still undecided.

The bridge will be cut from maple. I have a large piece that will be used for the citole body, but there’s more then enough to cut the rebec bridge, as well. I haven’t finished the scrub plane yet, so the piece is still rough, meaning I can’t decide which part is suitable for a bridge or two.

That leaves the tail piece as the natural next step!