More union

It fits! The neck is slightly wider then the fingerboard, which is on purpose: after glueing, I can take something off, creating a more pleasing seam. So, after making sure three or four times that yes, it actually does fit, it’s glueing time!

Hide glue dries fast, but just to be sure I left the straps on for a few hours. The peg head has three holes drilled into it, this was done before glueing the fingerboard, because it’s easier to drill perpendicular to the top surface of the peg head without the fingerboard in place. The holes have not yet been reamed, I’ll leave that to after varnishing, so that any varnish that may creep into the holes is also removed.

An added benefit of having the peg holes in there before varnishing is that I can put a rod though the top one, on which the entire instrument can hang. This way, I’ll be able to varnish everything in one go.

Anyways, the neck was still a little oversized. So here we go again with the spoke shave and sand paper…

And that’s that! The body is done! Except for varnishing of course, and the final finishing that will get done just before varnishing. This means a big job, so I won’t be able to do it until I can confidently reserve a few hours.