About me

Currently I teach phonetics and phonology at the University of Amsterdam and Leiden University. Previously I taught phonology at Leiden University and Dutch at Webster University Leiden Campus.

In 2015 I defended my dissertation, which deals with the acquisition of phonological segments. The theory developed in the dissertation is a very simple one: no more ingredients are needed than distinctive features and constraints on the co-occurrence of these features. The main innovation of the theory is that phonological acquisition is viewed as the tandem development of the representational (features) and computational (constraints) aspects of phonology. Previous accounts tended to focus on one of the two, mostly the representational side when it comes to the acquisition of the inventory. The thesis is available for download via the publisher.

Another research interest is the representation of sonorance, specifically within the framework of Element Theory (Harris, 1994, Backley, 2011). I’ve written and presented on this issue both solo and in collaboration with Bert Botma and others.

View my photographic work at
www.marijnvantveer.com (independent work)
www.cargocollective.com/marijnvantveer (people)

I’m developing an interest in early and renaissance musical instrument building. Follow here.

There’s also a band that I play in (double bass)