Part Three part two

It’s been a few days since I last published a post but I haven’t been idle! Here’s where we were, concerning the fingerboard:

Naturally, it’s the leftmost part that will become the fingerboard. The rightmost is going to become tailpiece, but that’s another story.

The rebec has a fingerboard that overhangs the soundboard, a typical design feature. In the picture above you can see the traverse saw cut and the line indicating the part that will be chiseled off.

A few steps further (apologies for the lack of intermediate images), the fingerboard is taking shape!

I thought it was finished but then I noticed the surface wasn’t straight; that’s going to cause troubles when trying to stop the strings… so back to the plane — the longest I have this time, then more sanding, and finally finishing with 0000 steel wool. This means the fingerboard will be slighty lower then in the plans, but I can live with that.