Full CV (pdf document, last updated May 2019)

In preparation
Opaque S-voicing or transparent lenition in Quito Spanish
in press

Veer, Marijn van ‘t (in press). Feature Co-occurrence Constraints in Acquisition. In: Botma and Van Oostendorp (eds). Booktitle. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Kok, Kenneth de, Bert Botma and Marijn van ‘t Veer (2018). Glides and Laryngeals as a Structural Class. Linguistics in The Netherlands, 35. Bert Le Bruyn and Janine Berns, eds. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company

Conference talks and posters

Voicing as suppression to sonorancy: the case of voiced fricatives. Talk presented at the 21st Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester. With Bert Botma


New observations on the Acquisition of Liquids. Talk presented at TINDag 2012, Utrecht University

Conflicting evidence in acquisition: A case study on the acquisition of French R. Talk presented at the ninth Old World Conference in Phonology, ZAS/Berlin


On the place of rhotics: A case study on the acquisition of French /R/. Talk presented at ‘R-atics 3, Free University of Bolzano

Phonetic evidence on phonology-morphosyntax interactions: Sibilant voicing in Quito Spanish. Talk presented at the 19th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM), Manchester. With Patrycja Strycharczuk, Martine Bruil and Kathrin Linke

Segmental Substitution Patterns in Child Language and Aphasia. Poster presented at the 19th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM), Manchester. With Kathrin Linke

Towards a non-derivational analysis of Quito Spanish sibilant voicing. Talk presented at the Elements Fest 2011, University College London / SOAS

On the status of Makhuwa-Enahara #NC clusters in CVCV Phonology. Poster presented at the 8th Old World Conference in Phonology, Marrakesh


On the acquisition of segment inventories. Poster presented at the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition Day, Leiden

Offset syllabification in Québec French and Dutch: Evidence from Acquisition. Talk presented at the 7th Old World Conference in Phonology, Nice


Grammatical Inventories. Talk presented at Tabudag 30, Groningen

Segmental Acquisition in Dutch and Québecois French – a case for a Jakobsonian approach. Talk presented at the Workshop on Complexity, Typology and Acquisition. Lyon: ENS-LSH/Collegium de Lyon